Farmhouse Le Ronce

5 minuts by car Via Sagrogna 35, Belluno Specialty : “piatto del monte”

The restaurant's cuisine is inspired by the menu of typical Venetian , with a few hints to suggest some dishes , which although not own land when tested gave strong emotions. The strong points of their table are meat , and beef is of game , which , as well as in the latter there is also space in the preparation of ragu ' accompanied with pasta and polenta to obtain pasta dishes and entrees. Impossible not to mention pastin , minced beef and pork and that ' one of the products of traditional carattteristici Bellunese.Altro dish that never fails in our menu is Schiz . The " Schiz " is a fresh cheese typical of the province of Belluno. Born in mountain huts is made with cow's milk. There is no certainty about the origin of the name.

Some trace it to the fact that the herdsmen they recovered the remains of curd that flew out of the molds during pressing or crushing , in the local dialect " schizar ." It is an ancient food , rediscovered in recent decades and much appreciated for the particular taste that purchases by simply preparazione.Una loroi very interesting feature of the menu is the fact that for each dish , the sommelier of the restaurant, in conjunction with the proposed glass of wine appropriately.